New superheroine

Working on a new comic, new heroine, still pondering what name would be ok…….. What I know yet – she will face a big cock…..some…..big cocks…….A LOT OF COCKS!

New comic for

Picture of a comic I did – muscular amazons with nice big boobs gets captured by some dwarfs – they have a lot of fun taming her, and then the mighy centaur comes (cums) too!

amazon captured and dominated by horny dwarfs and a centaur!

Warrior fucked by slimy beast in the desert

Fighting slimy beasts in the desert, that´s the right job for an amazon warrior! Well, in this case her armour got ripped away, but she´s still a mighty warrior, and what should the beast do without teeth? She is still in a good mood, I mean, all her fiend can do is gripping the warrior woman tightly, but how shall it defeat her? hmmmm……. haha I know!