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Watched “vikings” today and yeah – I HAD to create an muscular viking warrior queen! Her name is Eerika, which means something like “ruling forever”.  Not sure regarding the tattos, but as far I like her,  pondering about making a cartoon for amazons-vs-monsters with her. If you want to tell me what you think, feedback is allways welcome!

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Working on a short one, a cocky futanari princess is looking for an adventure – she will find one! A well hung barbarian warrior is ready for some action…. well, work in progress, more coming soon.


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It seems the well hung barbarian warrior has a lot of fun with the amazonian futanari princess…. first doggy style, then she rides him. I think I´ll make a few more renders, got some pretty good feedback per email, haha 🙂 .

3d Futanari amazons duel, the looser gets punished by cock

Here we go! A friends idea, thanks to Gleoy 😉 –

In the arena they meet for the duel, but they will not cross their blades – after a short fight between the muscular futanari amazons the looser lays on her back and surrenders, ready to be punished by the better warrior. As they live in a very, very civilized tribe there will be no execution, but a punishment must be given and received! Both are exhausted after the fight, but as long as there is enough energy left to get a hard cock…….

So Gebida, the felinelike winner fucks the shit out of big tit princess Isadia. I´m thinking about making an entire 3d hentai comic with Isadia (the shemale amazon with the tattoos), what do you think? Let me know if you like her.